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One in the picture is Lahmacun,  thin dough lightly covered with a mixture of minced meat, herbs, and spices. To cook it, several lahmacun are placed on a long paddle and slid into the oven. Lahmacunis typically sprinkled with chopped tomatoes, parsley sprigs and a squirt of lemon juice, and then rolled up before eating. The dish originates in Turkey’s Southeast; the city of Gaziantep is particularly known for its lahmacun, which is much spicier than the version found in Istanbul restaurants.

On English menus in Istanbul restaurants, lahmacun is often referred to as Turkish pizza, a misnomer for sure, but this is what you should be on the lookout for. Typically running from 3-4 TL a piece, lahmacun is a cheap and fast snack although we can guarantee you that you’re going to want more than just one of this traditional Turkish food. Don’t forget to pair your lahmacun with ayran, a salty yogurt drink. It may be strange for your palette but it’s all part of the lahmacun experience.

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