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Pizza for Everyone?

At Sisson only Best brands can go into pizza!

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Sisson Ave is a twelve-year-old pizzeria in Hartford City that excels at both crust and toppings. Its Queen of Hartford is a locavore variation on the classic, with raw Local-grown heirloom tomatoes under melted mozzarella made from the milk of water buffaloes raised in Canada.

The dough is leavened by a starter that the chef, Francisco, has been nursing along for years. To get the first batch going, he cultivated the natural yeasts on the outside of wheat berries from western New Jersey. “I was using a starter from Italy that was more than 100 years old,” he said, “but I felt like I needed to be closer to my product, more attached to it.”
“In order to understand pizza dough, you need to understand bread fermentation,” Mr. Francisco said, and so he taught himself to make bread. Somewhere along the way he became curious about fermenting butter, too. He churns and cultures enough butters at Sisson to offer a butter tasting.

Mr. Francisco has a methodical turn of mind. Before placing an order for tomatoes, he subjects several brands to a double-blind tasting, evaluating each on a seven-point rubric.

To go with a best dough to make pizza, we need a best pizza sauce. Which is exactly what this is! And it absolutely tastes better when its complete each other. Trust. It’s possible I had a line up and tried several pizza sauce and dough combination.

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